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Fertility Preservation

In the realm of fertility preservation, cryopreservation stands as a remarkable feat. This process involves subjecting cells or tissues to sub-zero temperatures, halting their biological clock and preserving their potential for the future. Modern times have ushered in the necessity for such techniques. The delays in parenthood and the challenges posed by conditions like cancer have fueled the adoption of advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) methods, including Cryopreservation and Vitrification.

Cryopreservation's Reach: Embryos, Sperm, and Beyond

At Ferty9 Fertility Centre, we extend the benefits of cryopreservation across various fronts. For couples on a fertility journey, we offer IVF Egg Freezing, Semen Freezing, and Embryo Freezing, including the advanced technique of Blastocyst Freezing. This approach ensures that the prospects of conception remain alive, offering renewed hope to those in need. Ferty9 takes pride in being a pioneer in this arena, ensuring that the magic of life can be unlocked whenever the time is right.

Oocyte Vitrification

Discover the forefront of fertility preservation with Ferty9's Oocyte Vitrification treatment. This cutting-edge process involves carefully harvesting unfertilized eggs and rapidly freezing them using advanced vitrification techniques. By avoiding the formation of ice crystals, this method ensures that the structural integrity of the eggs remains intact. This way, when you're ready to start your journey to parenthood, these frozen eggs can be thawed and utilized for assisted reproductive technologies like IVF. This revolutionary approach offers individuals the flexibility to plan their family without the constraints of time, age, or medical circumstances. Our specialists at Ferty9 are adept at this delicate process, ensuring that your fertility aspirations are preserved with the utmost precision and care.

Onco Freezing - Oocytes/Sperms/Embryos

Ferty9 recognizes that life's battles sometimes demand immediate choices. Onco Freezing stands as a beacon of hope for individuals confronted with medical treatments that could impact fertility. For those about to undergo cancer treatments or other medical procedures, the Onco Freezing process involves carefully collecting and freezing oocytes (eggs), sperm, or embryos. This delicate procedure ensures that these reproductive components are preserved in optimal condition. Once your health journey is complete, you can look forward to utilizing these preserved materials to fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent. Ferty9's Onco Freezing is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive patient care, ensuring that even in the face of health challenges, you can hold onto the possibility of a future family with confidence and resilience.