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Blastocyst Culture

In the realm of IVF treatment, embryos typically find their new home in a woman's uterus on Day 5 of their growth. However, the landscape of assisted reproductive technology has evolved, introducing an innovative approach known as Blastocyst Culture Treatment. This cutting-edge method extends the cultivation of embryos to Day 5, revealing an intricate stage of development characterized by two distinct cell components and a fluid cavity.

This extended growth period holds immense promise. By allowing embryos to flourish in a carefully controlled environment until they reach the blastocyst stage, Embryologists are better equipped to select embryos of superior quality for transfer. Notably, this advancement also plays a role in mitigating the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, as the extended culture process provides a higher level of insight into an embryo's viability. This helps embryologists to select the best blastocyst and avoids the risk of multiple embryo transfers. At Ferty9, we stand at the forefront of such breakthroughs, dedicating ourselves to elevating the possibilities of fertility treatment and ultimately contributing to the joy of parenthood.